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Best Romantic Korean Drama with english Subtitles Free Download

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Best romantic Korean drama with English subtitles free download And Best Romantic Korean Dramas to Watch on online with Netflix | 2020, this is selectively updated for those who love to watch Korean movies and series drama. I mean die-hard fans across the world.

Best Romantic Korean Drama Site with English subtitles free, if you don’t do Korean movies, watch or love them, then this post is not for you… sorry and move on.

This is my top site for Romantic Korean Dramas on Netflix, downloading, streaming or reading reviews about Korean movies with engaging communities. I have a separate dedicated time for watching movies and I don’t joke with that.

1. Viki

Viki .com is known as the most famous site that explicitly plays dramas in a large number of countries. This website also provides subtitles to users so that dramas can be enjoyed in multiple languages. However, the amount of ads is sometimes annoying and distracting viewers, from then on, the website is frequently used by users to access Korean dramas.

Go to https://www.viki .com/

2. NewAsianTV

Best Romantic Korean Drama Site with english Subtitles

This website is considered the centre of all Korean, Japanese and Asian dramas. This website provides the viewer with a friendly design that makes it easier for the user to search for their respective series. The only problem identified by viewers is about the IP address, which means that this site is not accessible in a few countries due to IP differences.

Go to https://newasiantv .tv/

3. Dramago

Best Romantic Korean Drama Site with english Subtitles

This is another amazing site to browse and search the top of Korean dramas. This site allows users to search for the top and the super hit of dramas, which essentially saves time. The site is especially known for Korean dramas as it has a large number of series listed on its homepage.

Go to http://www.dramago .com/

4. Dramanice

best romantic korean drama 2018 best romantic korean drama 2019 romantic comedy korean drama 2016

This site really has a captivating design that attracts many users to this site. The white and pink combination of the site makes it even more unique. This website consists of a variety of old and new Korean dramas, however, it is also a mix of subtitled videos and the original version. In spite of this, the interruptions by announcements are only at the beginning.

Go to https://www.ondramanice .ch/

5. GoodDrama .to

best romantic korean drama 2018 best romantic korean drama 2019 romantic comedy korean drama 2016

This is one of the online drama sites that are quite similar to and has a similar interface. This site also consists of various Koren, Chinese and Japanese dramas. The simple interface makes it easy to navigate and search the respective drama series in less time. The site also has interruptions for advertisements.

Go to http://www.gooddrama .to/

6. DramaFire

best romantic korean drama 2018 best romantic korean drama 2019 romantic comedy korean drama 2016

DramaFire is considered the best of the websites to access Korean dramas. The series is played in HD with very good sound quality. This site makes finding Korean dramas easy and accessible. The site is competitive and provides free access to a wide variety of Korean dramas.

Go to http://dramafire .info/

7. DramaFever

best romantic korean drama 2018 best romantic korean drama 2019 romantic comedy korean drama 2016

Are you worried about your slow internet? Then you do not need to worry anymore, DramaFever allows users to access Korean dramas with low internet speed. Special browsing options make it easy for users to get lifetime access to different Korean dramas. This site is similar to other sites of Korean dramas. This website is known as the largest hub of Korean dramas.

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Go to https://www.dramafever .com/

8. Dramabeans

best romantic korean drama 2018 best romantic korean drama 2019 romantic comedy korean drama 2016

DramaBeans is known for providing users with a large number of Korean, Asian, Chinese and Japanese dramas. This is not only a center for Korean dramas but also allows navigation and search for a wide range of Asian and Korean dramas. The DramaBeans is the oldest site to access all these dramas. This site also provides users with lifetime access to Korean and Asian series.

Go to http://www.dramabeans .com/

9. Sojuoppa

best romantic korean drama 2018 best romantic korean drama 2019 romantic comedy korean drama 2016

Sojuoppa is actually one of my favourite websites when it comes to downloading Korea dramas. They dudes running the website are putting more effort and dedication to their works. Since tons of new Korea dramas and series are been added regularly. There’s no hassle while navigating through the website as you can painlessly download your favourite dramas instantly in one click. It’s the folks favorite, it certainly should be yours also.

Visit the site here

10. KissAsian .es

best romantic korean drama 2018 best romantic korean drama 2019 romantic comedy korean drama 2016

KissAsian is another classic website that offers tons of Korea dramas from all category such as action, love sequence etc. I came to love this website since it proved to be simple and clear. Thus you can painlessly download your favorite Korea drama without fear of malware. Their dramas are updated daily and new Korea movies are been added to keep you up to date. Overall it should be your point of call when you feel liking watching some cool dramas.

Go to http://kissasian .com/

11. Thedramacool .com

romantic comedy korean drama 2018 romantic comedy korean drama with cute guys funniest korean drama of all time

Thedramacool might look like a simple blog, but to be sincere the website offers a huge collection of addictive Korea Dramas. I have actually streamed some few Korea dramas from the website and to be sincere it’s amazing. The admins over there are doing a great job by keeping its viewers updated with newest Korea dramas. However, you can only stream dramas from this website for free, romantic Korean dramas on NetFlix.

Go to http://www.thedramacool .com/

12. Mydramalist .com

romantic comedy korean drama 2018 romantic comedy korean drama with cute guys funniest korean drama of all time

Mydramalist isn’t actually one of the websites I fancy when it comes to downloading Korea drama. I am trying to be open here… However, there’s a high tendency that you may or may not live on this website when you check it out. They’ve tons of newly updated Korea dramas that can captivate you and you can watch the drama trailers. The site navigation is very clear but I can still choose DramaFire over it. The site contains no malware so your device is 100% Sade while streaming your favourite dramas.

Go to http://mydramalist .com/

13. Viewasian .tv

romantic comedy korean drama 2018 romantic comedy korean drama with cute guys funniest korean drama of all time

Viewasian is yet another popular website that unveils the best of the best in Korea dramas. When you feel like streaming life then this website can be your first option. I love the classic view of the site and their great collection of popular and newest Korea dramas. While streaming dramas from the site, you can also prefer to download their application to stay updated with tons of Korea dramas uploaded daily. They’re among the best, just give it a try and thank me later.

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Go to

Other Website To Download Best Romantic Korean Drama Site with English Subtitles

Best Romantic Korean Dramas to Watch on Netflix | 2020

1| My Love from the Star (Byeol-e-seo on geu-dae) | 2013-2014

  • My Love from the Star, also known as You Who Came from the Stars is about Do Min-joon who has come to explore Earth from another planet. Four hundred years ago, when he first visited, he saved a girl from falling off a cliff ending in him missing his spaceship.

2| Boys Over Flowers (Kkotboda namja) | 2009

  • Boys Over Flowers is a touching and often disturbing story of Geum Jan Di, a poor girl, who saves a boy from committing suicide, who was continuously bullied. The poor Jan Di feels out of place in the prestigious Shinhwa High School surrounded by rich, often arrogant and spoiled people.

3| Something in the Rain (Bap Jal Sajuneun Yeppeun Nuna) | 2018

  • Love is a tricky game. It’s not easy to find the one you would spend the rest of your life with. It is certainly not easy for Yoon Jin Ah, a lady in her mid 30’s failing her relationships every time. But is the problem with her or her chosen ones?

4| Mr. Sunshine (Miseuteo Shunshain) | 2018

  • One of the best romantic Korean dramas 2018 indulged us with is Mr. Sunshine. The story of little Choi Yoo-Jin, who was born into slavery, escapes his terrible fate and flees to the USA.

5| What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (Kimbiseoga wae geureolkka) | 2018

  • Based on the novel by Jung Kyung Yoon, this drama enjoys popularity in South Korea. It was even running as a webcomic for a while.

6| Romance Is a Bonus Book (Romaenseuneun Byulchaekboorok) | 2019

  • Romance is a Bonus Book is a beautifully crafted love story of two childhood friends, whose paths cross again after a long time.
    Cha Eun Ho is a well known, beloved writer, who is very ambitious and successful. He is the youngest chief editor at a publishing company as well. His charming personality is paired with desirable looks too.

7| The Scholar Who Walks The Night (Bameul geotneun seonbi) | 2015

  • This superb K drama with vampires will soon become your go-to Korean drama with cute guys. Jo Yang-sun, daughter of a nobleman, soon has to step up as his father has been framed for treason.

8| The Moon That Embraces the Sun (Haereul poomeun dal) | 2012

  • This beautiful and suspenseful costume drama surely deserves a spot on the list of Best Romantic Korean Dramas to Watch on Netflix.
    Ari, shaman of the Royal Astrology House has a vision of an attempt on the prince’s life. She quickly runs to the aid of him but ends up getting in trouble herself.

9| Secret Garden (Sikeurit Gadeun) | 2010-2011

  • Secret Garden is the beautiful implementation of old tales; the rich man falls in love with a low-class poor girl. The story may not sound interesting as we have heard of that before, still, these series will warm up your heart.

10| He Is Psychometric (Saikometeuri Geunyeoseok) | 2019

  • This awesome romantic comedy Korean drama with cute guys is just mind-blowing.
    After losing his parents in a devastating fire, Lee Anh obtains a special power. He is Psychometric, which means he can see the past of other people and items by touching them.

11| The Legend of the Blue Sea (Pooreun Badaui Junsul) | 2016-2017

  • This Kdrama series begins with the newly appointed governor releasing a mermaid he found in captivity by an innkeeper in the 16th century.
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12| Queen In-hyun’s Man | 2012

  • This adorable romantic comedy Korean drama is definitely going to bring some laughter and heartwarming love into your home.
    Kim Boong-Do is living a nobleman’s life in the Joseon dynasty, about 300 years ago. Due to some unexpected turn of events, he ends up traveling in time to the modern days.

13| Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim (Nangmandakteo Kimsaboo) | 2016-2020

  • This light and easy Korean romantic drama is medicine for hopeless lovers. Meet Boo Yong-Joo, one of the best surgeons of the country, often referred to as “Hand of God”.

14| Arthdal Chronicles (Aseudal Yeondaegi) | 2019

  • Dive into the colorful history of the mythical land of Arth. See how nations and empires were formed through ancient heroes’ struggles, love, and death.

15| Abyss (Eobiseu) | 2019

  • This is a superb Korean romantic comedy with a supernatural twist. Two best friends, Go Se-Yeon, an attractive prosecution lawyer and Cha Min, a somewhat less good-looking heir to a cosmetics giant, die in two different incidents.

16| Hotel Del Luna | 2019

  • Hotel Del Luna is one of the best romantic Korean dramas to watch on Netflix. This superb K drama about a hotel in Seoul that caters to only ghosts, is quite interesting and emotionally entertaining.

17| Strong Girl Bong-soon (Him-ssen yeo-ja Do Bong-soon) | 2017

  • Do Bong-soon comes from a family where a long line of women were born with superhuman strength.
    Bong-soon only wants two things in her life; one is to create a video game with herself as the main character and to become more delicate so her crush, Guk-doo, a police officer finally asks her out.

18| Love Alarm (Joahamyeon Ullineun) | 2019

  • One of the best romantic Korean dramas 2019 made us fall in love with. It is a fairly simple, yet very beautiful and entertaining romantic drama.
    The story introduces an app that can tell if anyone is in love with you within a 10-meter vicinity. That takes our characters to a roller coaster of feelings, mostly love.

19| Oh My Ghost (Oh Naui Gwishinnim) | 2015

  • Na Bong-Sun is an apprehensive woman, with very low self-esteem. She is not around people much, finds it much easier to be alone, despite sometimes craving some human touch.

20| The Bride of Habaek (Habaekui Shinboo) | 2017

  • This superb Korean fantasy romance drama is just outstanding. It has all one might be looking for; drama, romance, great humor, and some twists only gods can pull.
    The story of water god Ha-Baek paying a visit to Earth in search of three powerful stones that help him to the throne is full of surprises and lovely characters.

Final Words

There’s no doubt that tons of websites out there offer a huge collection of Korea dramas for you to download, however, we’ve listed the best and probably the ones we know  Also Best Romantic Korean Dramas to Watch on Netflix | 2020, it’s our recommendation and they offer high-quality Korean dramas with English subtitles. If perhaps we missed any of your favourite websites, then let us know using the comment box below!

Hope you had a nice day and enjoy these Best Romantic Korean Drama Site with English Subtitles.

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